Friday, October 12, 2007

Gettin' crafty with it

I've been up to my ears in glycerin, dried apple heads and meringue this week--and not in a good way. In preparation for my TV spot tomorrow morning on Good Morning Connecticut, I've been making soaps, crafting kitchen witches, piping out meringue ghosts, rubbing graves. As is the case with all my appearances, the week leading up to it has not been without it's issues. Three day migraine. Projects so stressful I feel ill just remembering their names. A call from my mother this morning informing me that my father fell and broke his nose (6 stitches) while running to direct traffic at a funeral (don't ask). And now, at 9:48pm, despite the fact that we must be up at 4:30am tomorrow for my segment, we are carving pumpkins. Actually, Jerry is carving them, and I am toasting Jamaican jerk-flavored pumpkin seeds in the oven know, that's a good question: Why AM I toasting pumpkin seeds at 10:00pm?

It's clearly time to hit the hay, but earlybirds or insomniacs in the Nutmeg State can catch my show tomorrow morning at 7:40am on WTNH, News Channel 8. Everyone else across the country (or smart Nutmeggers who prefer to sleep in on Saturday mornings), can visit my new website at for recipes and crafts.

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