Friday, December 14, 2007

4 Months to 44

Holy Smokes!...I somehow just realized that in four short months I will be forty-four years old. 44 YEARS! I don't know about you, kind and patient reader, but I find that unbelievable. I certainly don't feel forty-four, and hopefully I don't look that age either (if I do, please do me the favor of keeping it to yourself), but the cold, hard, sobering truth is, I've suddenly become (gasp) middle-aged.

Where did the time go?

Gone are the days of missing the last train home from New York City and wandering the streets of Gotham until sunrise (it sounds romantic and Audrey Hepburne-esque, I know, but trust me, when it's 36 degrees outside, it's not). Behind me are the crazy nights of drinking ten too many tequila shots with my chums, then hopping the fence to the community pool to go skinnydipping. Long past are the madcap road trips, the midnight junkets to the supermarket for snacks, the late night visits to Big Joe's & Sons Tattoo parlor, the fun and crazy antics. I know it sounds like a cliche, but time really does pass too fast.

I think if I could instill one thing in my beloved nieces and nephews, it's to embrace youth with a big, open-armed hug. I want them to take hold of the springtime of their lives and love it, and spoil it, and indulge it, and not squander one millisecond of it. Because that is how I have lived my past forty-three, and three quarter years; welcoming any and all craziness into my life, with open arms.

I have four more months until I turn forty-four, and although I may have given up tequila shots for pinot grigio, late night munchies for early-to-bed, and tattoo's for...well, maybe I haven't given up tattoo's just yet...I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Because if there's one thing I've learned in my 43 years and 8 months of living (and from watching my ninety-seven year old grandmother still beat her pals at poker) it's that fun, and spontaneity, and adventure are timeless. And that an occasional skinnydip on a sultry moonlit night can make you feel like you're twenty-two all over again.

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The Fabric Bolt said...

I've got 10 months to 44 and man oh man, you're right. Grab that "youth" because one day you'll just look around you's not there anymore! (even though we'd like to fool ourselves into believing its not so!!!!)