Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Got Wood?

Being practically the number one fan of down time, I can't help but be a bit curious as to what the other citizens of planet earth do when they get a free afternoon to indulge themselves: a workweek-erasing trip to a day spa? a rejuvenating six mile run around the reservoir? a tranquilizing hour or so settled in on the sofa with a glass of wine and stack of juicy gossip magazines? Ahhh...I've certainly done all of those things over the course of my lifetime when handed a clean afternoon on a silver platter, but sweet, gentle fall has finally yielded to mean spirited winter in the Northeast, and so more and more of my precious free time is spent dealing with Mother Nature, as opposed to mothering myself. Take last Friday for instance: Jerry was out of town on business, and my clients were uncharacteristically quiet. That unique combination—the perfect storm of idle time, so to speak—would normally result in a welcome afternoon of delightful pampering. But snow was in the forecast for our weekend, two cords of wood were piled like modern art in the backyard, and a shiny new wood stove in our living room was itching to get busy. And so, instead of getting my pores steamed clean on a free Friday, I rolled up my sleeves and began stacking wood. Now, I doubt there are many of you out there who fully appreciate what it is like to stack two cords of wood on your own, but suffice it to say that it is not the sexiest of chores; when you're done your nails look like you dug your way out of a grave, your hands are two aching, gnarled claws, and your back feels as though you fell from a two-story rooftop (I'm understating it all, of course.)

But after a week of pretty much nonstop griping about aching muscles, starting fires, and lugging wood, the fruits of my labors are finally paying off. The first big snowstorm of the year is expected (oh, wait...I just peeked out the window; make that arrived), I have no place to go except perhaps down to the kitchen to get myself a tasty snack, and the house is so warm, and toasty, and delightfully Christmas-ey, that I can't possibly imagine any place more cozy. It seems like I'm going to get my free, lazy day, after all.

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