Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Me, Redux

Ok, I'll just come out an admit it; I've been a total slacker somewhat lazy lately. Blame it on Jack Frost, but hibernating inside has simply been much more pleasant than venturing out. And, since I've been spending most of my day writing once again, there doesn't seem to be much reason to get out of my pajama's, other than to take a hot shower at some point before bedtime, then slip right back into their glorious, spacious, stretchy, goodness, once again. Such is life when you work at home; the dirty little secret that all work-at-home entrepreneurs never divulge. But this past week, I realized that living like Howard Hughes is somewhat over-rated. My legs were to starting to look Sasquatchian, the only shoes I was wearing were slippers, and my hair...well, let's not even go there; let's just say I'm not naturally a redhead, and it was starting to become very apparent.

Alas, all it took was a phone call to my insanely talented, and fabulously French hairdresser, Jiji, and I was—sans slippers!—in the chair, reading great gossip magazines, chit-chatting about everything from surf culture, to Britney Spears, to Project Runway, to body fat (very high-brown, I know), feeling wonderfully spoiled, and miraculously transforming from a Sasquatch to Suzanne in just under three hours time.

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