Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anonymous and "The Notebook"

It's 4:15 am and I am about to get in a car that will drive me to John F. Kennedy airport, where I will, with a little luck, hop a plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once I arrive safely on Puerto Rican terra firma, my grand plan is to gorge myself (if my personal trainer is reading this, please move on to the next blog, if you will) pork-based foods, drink plenty of brightly-colored, umbrella-ed cocktails, and hopefully amuse my readers back home with sagacious stories of my rum-fueled hijinx. But before I depart, I feel compelled to address a reader--Anonymous (very clever)--who posted last evening that "The Notebook" should have made it onto Suzanne's 29 Favorite Romantic Movies list. Anonymous, I actually did contemplate adding The Notebook, to my list, but having not seen that particular tear-yanker, and wanting to maintain a smidgen of journalistic integrity, I chose to not add it. But, you know what, Anonymous? I really wanted to include Lost in Translation, but was torn; I was trying to keep the list at 29 (for the 29 days of February), so The Graduate made the cut as it seemed to be more of a classic love story, even though I connected more with quirky, loveable Bill Murray, rather that despondent, oddball Dustin Hoffman. But I digress, as usual. The point of this early morning posting is to say that, 29, be damned; I WILL add The Notebook to my list, and I promise that when I get back to New York on Monday I will rent it and watch it with a box of tissues, and you in mind. And, by crackie, Lost in Translation is going on there as well, because that's been eating at me for days; I should have included it from the get go, and have you to thank for reminding me of that. So, now that two new movies have been added to Suzanne (and Anonymous's) 31 Favorite Romantic Movies, I can finally head to Puerto Rico.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I, and the man that introduced me to it, do. I plan to watch all of the DDL movies that you have put on your list with a large box of Kleenex.
I hope you wore a lot of sunscreen. You look quite fair.