Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A civilized human being once again

What a difference a hot shower, a great hotel plopped on a slice of San Juan beach, a nap by the pool, and a glass of wine makes! Here I am, feeling almost human again (a hot meal with a heaping side of rice and beans would tip the scale), and feeling quite silly for wanting to pummel that poor pilot; as if it was his fault that his microphone was static-y, and he was raised by Type A parents. Tonight we head to the Parrot Club with Jay, a good friend of ours who is always up for a rollicking good time, and who can drink even the most seasoned sot under the table. Jay makes W.C. Fields look like the Queen Mum, which is why I love hanging out with him; he is smart, and funny, and colorful, and irreverant; a jumble of ideas, and witticisms, and sidebars, and...well, all sorts of good stuff. A fun evening awaits.

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