Friday, February 8, 2008

Jay, and the Theory of the the non-exisent baby pigeon

Forget Rome; no amount of lobbying will convince me that Puerto Rico should not be the Pigeon Capital of the World. The other day over cocktails by the pool, while surrounded by a Hitchcockian amount of pigeons (oddly, I've yet to see a single seagull here, despite the fact that we are mere steps from the beach), Jay asked me if I have ever seen a baby pigeon, and, after a minute or so of head scratching, I had to admit that I indeed had not. As validation to you skeptics out there, I offer this photo as proof; as you'll see in Exhibit A, there is nary a baby pigeon to be found in the entire feathered lot. Befuddled by this revelation, I pressed Jay for an explanation; were there somehow, by some feat of nature, no baby all? Alas, Jay assured me that there are indeed baby pigeons on this green earth, but they are so coddled, and spoiled, and pampered by their doting parents (sounds like my town of Chappaqua), that they are not allowed to leave the nest until they are--as this photo I snapped on my camera phone just yesterday will attest--fully grown.

Just bit of interesting avian trivia, from Jay, at the pool bar, in sunny Puerto Rico.

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