Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Many Rivers To Cross

Some of you might remember that back in December I wrote a posting in the wee hours of the morning about my impending 44th birthday (4 months to 44). In that weblog, I waxed nostalgic about my younger years (I know, I know; waxing nostalgic on lost youth is the classic yackety, yack, blah, blah, blather of a middle-ager; what can I say?!), and made a commitment to myself, my friends, my family, and my readers, that despite the fact that I'm at the dreaded "halfway mark", that I would do my best to keep some of that youthful rock and roll spirit alive, and kicking. Well, today--with just 33 days left until the BIG 44--I went under the needle. Now, living in the greater metropolitan area of New York, one would naturally assume that the needle I went under was filled with Restylane, or Botox, and was carefully, with jet fighter accuracy, injected into my crows feet and smile lines. But, honestly, I've always liked crows feet and smile lines, as they show to the world that you actually have things in your life to laugh and smile about, so instead I chose to go under a needle filled with ink. And, in that ink was a message that I hope to contemplate, and meditate on for the next 44 years of my life; Many Rivers to Cross.

Yes, it goes without saying that I've been around the proverbial block enough times to know that getting another tattoo inked onto my flesh is not suddenly going to give me the energy I need to stay up past midnight without taking a two hour nap, and guzzling a Starbucks Iced Coffee, and, I sincerely doubt that my wrinkles, and gray hairs are going to magically disappear anytime soon. No, we can't turn back the ever-ticking hands of time. But we can be mindful of time marching forward, and for me, today, as I count down the days to 44, I had marked onto my back a gentle reminder that I still have a long list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and many rivers I still need to find my way across.

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