Sunday, March 9, 2008

March, the Curmudgeon

Curmudgeonly March, as if to say, "not so fast with that cute, yellow, JCrew mini skirt, and don't even think about picking up a new pair of strappy sandals just yet", let loose on us yesterday with a 60mph powerhouse of a Nor'easter that dumped three inches of rain upon our area, and wreaked havoc on power lines, roadways, airports, and more than a few tri-state area basements, I'm sure.

I've never been a big fan of March. Sure, it's easy to get excited when the calendar flips to the third month of the year, as logically that means spring is not far behind. But March is a crabby SOB, and a real party pooper, to boot; it maliciously allows you to think that winter is over, and you'd better get to the nail salon pronto for a pedicure if you're going to start showing your toes again, and then, BAM!, the next thing you know, you're being slapped in the face by 30-degree, 60 mile an hour winds, and digging through your closet for long underwear, and Gortex. Wicked, spiteful March.

Of course we get the last laugh, and it started at two o'clock this wind-whipped morning, when daylight savings started. On the road to spring, this is but a small signpost on a craggy and crooked byway, but it's a sign nonetheless. Those three inches of rain that were unceremoniously dumped upon us yesterday? That deluge will quench the thirst of sleepy tulip bulbs tucked beneath the soil. And, that bonus hour of daylight we just scored? Well, that little bit of of extra sunlight will offer them the warmth that they need to unfurl, and reach up towards the sky. With a little luck--and a rising thermometer--they will soon peek their bright, sunny, JCrew mini skirt-colored heads out of the earth, and send irascible old March packing to 2009. And, with it, my wool sweaters, thick winter coat, and heavy boots.

It's time for yellow.

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