Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Night Sloth

It's Saturday night and I blissfully have nothing on my social calendar. As a result, I'm in bed with about 1,000 pillows, my laptop, a stack of magazines, munching on some salty crackers, and sipping a peach-flavored diet Snapple, and I couldn't be more perfectly content. I've been e-gossiping back and forth with my pal, Cindy, who, at 7:34 pm, seems to have the same idea as I do on this last evening of May--to simply spend some good, quality 'me-time' at home.

I don't have a grand plan for my evening, but most likely I will get cracker crumbs in the bed, read up as to which celebrities are Just Like Us!, rummage around the kitchen cabinet for more salty snacks, open Microsoft Word in an attempt to work on my book (then immediately close down Word), head back down into the kitchen for some dark chocolate, and perhaps do something wildly ambitious like change my toenail polish, or rent 3:10 to Yuma for the fourth time this month. And, I will do all of this without apology, or explanation, or guilt, because tonight is about me. Whether you call it "down time," recharging the proverbial battery, or just being plain lazy, it's healthy every once in a while to be a bit of a sloth. Tonight, I am indulging all that is idle and indolent, so tomorrow I can awake with a recharged battery, ready for any challenge life may throw my way, including working off the 2 lbs. I am certain to gain here, tonight, as a Saturday night sloth.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rachael + Mother Teresa

Life is a Promise. Fulfill it. - Mother Teresa

My dear friend Rachael--The Bride--gave this to me last night before bed, and I wanted to share it with my readers. Sometimes we forget that we owe it to ourselves to fulfill our dreams, to live our lives for ourselves, and not for others, to be true to our hearts, and to stay on the path that we know is the right one, no matter how rough, or craggy, or challenging it might be to navigate. And on those times that we forget, or grow weary, or frustrated, we can always count on our best friends to remind us to stay the course, and send us on our way with a meaningful sentiment, and a big, long, enveloping, wonderful hug. Thank you, Rachael, for reminding me to stay true to myself, to get back on my path, to become fierce and fabulous once again. Happy Wedding Day!

The Wedding Crasher

I'm on a bit of a road trip this weekend; yesterday I hopped the Acela from New York to D.C. for one of my best friends weddings. Since my brain is somewhat martini-addled as a result of this little junket, and so few functional brain cells remain, I thought I would do a photo essay of my trip instead of the usual blah, blah, blogging. Enjoy! - Suzanne Brown, Memorial Day Weekend, 2008




Friday, May 16, 2008

My 900 Pound Birthday Pig

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. ~George Elliot

I've been living more simply as of late. Perhaps it's because summer is right around the corner and that glorious season naturally inspires me to wear less clothing, consume fewer calories. Or, maybe it's a middle age thing, and I'm simply paring down my life to the bare essentials, so it's less fussy, more me. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying this newfound simplicity, and what I've happily discovered about myself is I don't need as many things as I thought I did. I recently lost twenty-four pounds, and as a result, now have only two pairs of jeans that fit me, rather than the ten I used to have. I lamented about this for a few weeks, but then snapped out of my funk and realized that the earth didn't stop spinning on it's axis because I only had two pairs of jeans to wear--in fact, I now kind of like it, as it's made my life simpler, easier.

So, when the calendar page turned to April 20th a few weeks ago, I was worried that I would get a lot of stuff for my birthday that I didn't really need, stuff that would replace the clutter I had been working so hard to shed of as of late. Instead--and I shouldn't be surprised at this one bit because I have the best friends in the world--I didn't receive stuff at all. Rather, I received for my birthday a pig, and an emu, and a Chinese goose, and a colt, and a whole slew of barnyard buddies, as my best friend, Cindy, made a donation in my name to the Long Meadow Rescue Ranch. Nestled among 165-acres of woodland near Union, Missouri, this ranch is haven for hundreds of abused and neglected horses, cows, goats, ducks, and other farm animals, my personal favorite being Snortin' Norton, a domestic white pig that topples the scale at nearly 900 pounds. Now Norton may not be a study in dietary moderation--or personal hygiene for that matter--but as I was checking in on him the other day on the RanchCam I realized that besides a seven hundred and eighty pound difference, and a snout (his, not mine), me and Norton are not so different really; at the end of the day all we both want is to live safely and without fear (me from terrorists + bill collectors, Norton from the breakfast table), to be happy and to feel good, to have friends and companions in our lives, for there to be food on the table (or in Norton's case, in the trough), and to have a comfortable place to lay our heads when the sun sets over the horizon each and every night. Norton doesn't own ten pairs of jeans, you see, and he gets along just fine in life. And, what I am beginning to realize is, so can I.

Suzanne Brown 5.16.08

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moms Rock

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. ~Chinese Proverb

Today is Mother's Day, a day to celebrate our moms, without who of course, we would not be here right now (yes, yes, of course Dad deserves some of the credit; we'll dole that out in June). I'm not a mother myself--and at 44 I sincerely doubt I am going to become one any time soon--so I can't speak from actual on the job experience, but I have observed enough moms in action (including my very own) to know that despite what they say about how hard it is to net King Crabs from the basement of the Bering Sea, no job is as challenging as motherhood.

Mothers don't get vacations, or overtime, they don't get sick leave, or a retirement plan after devoting 20 years to their job; instead a mom is always there, no matter how old you are, worrying over you, caring for you, and willing to drop anything and everything to help you if and when you need it. It's easy sometimes, as we get wrapped up in our own lives and busyness and day to day nonsense, to forget the sacrifices our mothers made and continue to make for us, to forget that there is unconditional love on the other side of that telephone line, to forget that that person who wants you to gain weight, lose weight, meet a nice boy, get rid of the loser your currently dating, stop working so hard, start looking for a better job (one where they appreciate you), stop wasting money on those fancy brands, stop eating junk food, wear more bright colors because black makes you look like your going to a funeral all the time...gave you life.

So today, hugs are in order. Hug not just your mom, but every mom you come across. For without the moms of this world you wo
uld not have your best friend, your significant other, the incredibly patient clerk in the check out line who forgives you for not having enough money in your wallet, or the sweet person who just happens to smile at you on the street for no particular reason, other than they were raised by a good woman, who taught them to be nice to strangers.

Happy Mother's Day!

Suzanne Brown 5.11.08

PS. Show your mo
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