Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Night Sloth

It's Saturday night and I blissfully have nothing on my social calendar. As a result, I'm in bed with about 1,000 pillows, my laptop, a stack of magazines, munching on some salty crackers, and sipping a peach-flavored diet Snapple, and I couldn't be more perfectly content. I've been e-gossiping back and forth with my pal, Cindy, who, at 7:34 pm, seems to have the same idea as I do on this last evening of May--to simply spend some good, quality 'me-time' at home.

I don't have a grand plan for my evening, but most likely I will get cracker crumbs in the bed, read up as to which celebrities are Just Like Us!, rummage around the kitchen cabinet for more salty snacks, open Microsoft Word in an attempt to work on my book (then immediately close down Word), head back down into the kitchen for some dark chocolate, and perhaps do something wildly ambitious like change my toenail polish, or rent 3:10 to Yuma for the fourth time this month. And, I will do all of this without apology, or explanation, or guilt, because tonight is about me. Whether you call it "down time," recharging the proverbial battery, or just being plain lazy, it's healthy every once in a while to be a bit of a sloth. Tonight, I am indulging all that is idle and indolent, so tomorrow I can awake with a recharged battery, ready for any challenge life may throw my way, including working off the 2 lbs. I am certain to gain here, tonight, as a Saturday night sloth.

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