Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Love for Small Town

Mandatory reading

This morning at 8:30 a.m. I met my best friend, Cindy, at her store, Marmalade, where we proceeded to pack up our cars with books, candles, diffusers, summer tees, and an assortment of provisions for her booth at the Pleasantville Music Festival (for those who must know every granular detail, those provisions included sunscreen, the cash box, ingredients for sun tea, her quick-witted, bubbly, and generally fun to have around employee, Summer, and various goodies + caffeine-enriched drinks from our local Starbucks.)

Cindy, looking quite movie star-ish

Summer's summery tootsies

The day was a hot and sticky one, so we spent the greater part of it under our tent, consuming the sorts of foods normally fancied by ten year-olds, such as kettle corn, calzones, pizza, ice cream, bubble tea, lemonade, sweet potato fries, as well as a hodgepodge of grown up foods like pulled pork, steamers, and hard lemonades, all of which I am most confident my doctor would frown upon, and that I am, at this very moment, regretting stuffing down my gullet.

Homemade sun tea...yum!!

Jack inexplicably grows a beard at the event

The Festival was a day-long event, so while the kids ran amok across the village green, and on the rides, got their faces painted + fake tattoo's airbrushed on their sweaty bodies, their parents set up blankets and lawn chairs near the stage, then stopped by the beer and wine garden for adult libations + neighborly conversation, dug into some fresh roasted pork, listened to Joan Osborne, Graham Parker. This was Americana at it's best, and I loved watching it, soaking it in, as it is at events like these where you connect with friends and neighbors, feel the pull of community, appreciate the simple things in life. For me--and I never tire of reminding myself, or my readers of this--there are few things better than spending a day just being with people you truly enjoy being with. Today, it was about gossiping with Cindy and Summer under the tent, eating a weeks worth of calories in an afternoon, reconnecting with old friends I've not seen in some time, watching the kids run wild across the bright green summer grass, and loving every small-town second of it.

Large glass jar with lid
14 tea bags
8 cups cold water
1 lemon, sliced
1-2 cups sugar (to taste)

In a large glass jar, combine the tea bags, water, lemon. Screw on cap, then place the jar in a warm, sunny location for approximately 3 hours. Remove tea bags and fruit and serve sun tea over ice. Serves 6

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