Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Wacky + Feisty Caravan to Queens

As I mentioned earlier this week, today I had a bridal shower to attend out in Queens; my baby cousin, Kevin, is getting married this coming October, and his fiance, Leah, hails from that borough. So today at noon, a noisy gaggle of women from my family all piled into a big wagon and made our way across the Whitestone Bridge to join in on the lunchtime estrogen-fest. The trip to this outer borough was not without drama; we barely made it to the corner of my parents street before we had to call 911 for a neighbors hedge cutting effort gone horribly wrong. Soon we were on our way, trying not to think of the bloody mess we witnessed just moments earlier, fighting New York traffic, searching for parking, in need of bathrooms, food and strong cocktails (not necessarily in that order).

Our table was filled with a feisty lot of women ranging in age from 16 to 70, and the conversation was as diverse as our tastes in music; we discussed everything from bikini waxing, to Joe Biden, to Pink's new song, So What, to my father's tomato garden, to high school dances, to onion-peeling goggles, to career paths, to this blog (everyone wave hello to my Aunt Mary Ann!). Along the way we let our hair down, we laughed a lot, and we connected in that really nice way that women connect when there are no men around. On the way home in the car the topic of my upcoming move inevitably arose, as everyone wants to help out in some way, to lift me up, to offer something that will make life easier for me. But what each and every woman in that car didn't realize was, that they just did. By making me laugh out loud for the better part of my day, by being the best family I could ever ask for, and for being strong, powerful women, they inspired me to continue being one myself.

Wonderful, wacky + feisty role models don't come along just every day. I am blessed beyond words for I am surrounded by them.

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