Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Little Red Cottage


I am writing this from my little red cottage in the woods. My niece, Claire-- who I sent photos to earlier this week--thought it worthy of Snow White, but I like to think this is more of a poets corner, worthy of Thoreau, as it set above a meandering river where trout, shad and striped bass swim freely, fly fishermen (and women) do their best to reel in dinner, kayakers paddle where Native Americans once canoed (the Indian name for this river is Kitchawonk), and nature lovers come to do what they do best--soak up all that Mother Nature has blessed us with. Truly, it is inspirational here, and I have only been living on this wooded stretch of land for less than twenty four hours.

The first thing that has struck me about this little town, plopped on the mighty Hudson, is that the people here are incredibly friendly, and it is wonderfully refreshing, and comforting to feel welcome, safe and instantly at-home. Today I shopped for groceries to fill my postage stamp-sized kitchen, and it was a challenge for me to shop with restraint, but it is my goal now to live small, and simply, and to have fun with the challenges that come with moving from a big home into a tiny one.

I don't have a recipe to post for you today because tonight I am making a bowl of angel hair pasta, tossed with butter, and topped with some freshly grated parmesan cheese, and cracked black pepper. Outside Tropical Storm Hannah rages, fills up the river below, but inside I am cozy and warm as the water boils on the stove. A simple meal for my new, simple life. And I couldn't be happier.



Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in your new home. I hope you will be as happy as you sound in your blog. Enjoy.


Thank you--I do, too!