Friday, November 7, 2008

Life changes, friendships don't

My friend, Rachael, came up from Virginia the weekend before last to visit me for a few days in my tiny, red cottage (you might remember her from my Memorial Day weekend blog, The Wedding Crasher). Rachael and I have only been in each others lives for fourteen years, (we met when I was thirty and she was twenty, in the early dot com boom days) but when I look back at everything that's happened to each of us in that somewhat short time period, it's like a lifetime of experiences--jobs and joblessness, marriages and divorces, moves north and south, break-ups and make-ups, kids and step kids, a bunch of tattoo's, a whole lot of sushi, and more cocktails and mischief than either one of us will ever honestly admit to--you name it, we've been through it together. But last weekend, the vibe was totally different, and perhaps that's because I'm in a completely different place--both physically and mentally--these days.

I used to reside in a village where I would regularly spot an ex-president and a senator, but I now live in a town where I constantly keep my eyes peeled for a bald eagle. Whereas I used to jet off to Miami for cosmopolitan weekends, I am currently content spending an afternoon on Arthur Avenue, digging into a heaping bowl of linguine with clam sauce, followed by an Italian ice, or a thick slice of pistachio cheesecake. In my old kitchen, I would slave for hours, preparing exotic foods from far off destinations, while today I cook simple foods that I love to eat because they're easy, delicious and comforting. And, while my last home was a huge barn converted into a cool loft space, I am patting myself on the back these days that I have somehow squeezed both myself and my business into a tiny 400 square foot cottage in the woods, have managed to cook some pretty decent meals in a kitchen the size of Triscuit cracker.

I think Rachael was somewhat surprised at this "New Suzanne", as are many of my friends who know me as the Suzanne who "wrote a book", "does a regular TV spot", "is always jetting off somewhere." But the fact of the matter is, I am happy and relieved to be living more simply these days. I feel like this change was a necessary change for me, and it has gotten me to a healthier place mentally, physically, spiritually and, especially, creatively.

I believe that when you listen to, and follow that little voice inside of you, it will lead you down the right path. For me, that path is the seed of a new book, which I have started writing since I started on this life-changing journey I am currently on. My creative challenge this winter is to take the story that is currently swirling around like confetti inside my head, and turn it into something that people will actually want to read. No small task, but so far this tiny cottage--and the universe--has not let me down.

And when I need a little extra energy to get me through a hard day of writing this winter, there is always a trip to Arthur Avenue for pistachio cheesecake--or a phone call to Rachael--to help fuel the fire.

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Rachael said...

Hey - I just read this! I didn't realize you wrote anything about our weekend. I love the new Suzanne as much as I loved the old Suzanne. You could have called this blog "The Old Adventures of New Suzanne" - I mean, we drank a lot - that's an old adventure, right?? :)