Friday, December 5, 2008


Here we are in the final month of 2008, and if there was ever a year I was happy to wrap up + send on it's merry way, this would be the one. I am an optimist by nature, but 2008 has challenged even me. In just 27 days a fresh new year will be upon us, and while I am sensible enough to realize that that flip of the page is merely symbolic, I am still looking forward to flipping it.

I don't have a grand plan for the coming new year (well, other than to welcome it with open arms + a full glass of champagne) as I am not one of those people who makes annual proclamations about losing ten pounds or exercising more. Rather than a list of rigid resolutions that will just add more stress to my already stressful life, I'm instead making myself a list of aspirations for 2009--things that I would like to do over the course of the year that will give me joy, add richness to my life, make me a better version of myself. Honestly, if I accomplish half the things I am about to list below, I will consider this little exercise a success.

I am not the sort of person who tells other people how to live their lives; instead, I prefer to follow the credo 'live and let live'. But with the economy, the country--and the world, quite frankly--in the state it's in, I encourage each and every one of you who reads this weblog, to cut yourselves a little slack this coming year. Pay the bills, tend to the family, do what you need to do each and every day to survive, but don't forget to nurture your souls with things that make you happy. Because, (as my best friend Cindy reminded me just this past week) this is the only life you have. So, even if you've lost money in the stock market, or lost your job, or are simply down about the state of the world (or your life) in general, never forget that today might be the only day you will get to watch a sunrise, eat a slice of blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, try your hand at something new (yoga? karate? oil painting? writing?), give a bear hug to that person you truly love, take a ridiculously long, hot shower, fall asleep on top of flannel sheets (and under a goose down comforter), sit by a roaring fire.

How about we all be a little bit selfish next year, my friends? I don't think there is any shame in carving out time for yourself and doing something good for YOU. And next year, I look forward to inspiring you as I set out on my journey, and hearing all about yours as well. Together, let's make 2009 the year we nurture our souls.

Love and peace to you all,

My goals + aspirations for 2009...

Write more
NYC Museum weekends San Diego Get back to trapeze school Nurture my friendships Hike New Paltz again
Be joyous Spend more time in the country Cultivate a garden Learn to juggle Have more fun Cook more dinners for friends BBQ each and every week Get back to crafting (I haven't forgotten you Crafty Suzanne readers!) Save money Spend more time with my family Take more roadtrips Finally figure out my %#$!!@ camera Cook something exotic I've never cooked before Give up Tylenol PM Live simply Get to New Haven for clam pizza Make homemade marmalade Go mountain biking Plan a trip to Africa in 2011 Rock climb Be more creative Kayak Plan a girlfriends weekend Volunteer Learn to love yoga Floss regularly Get to Maine Drink more water Explore more of NYC Wake up every day grateful for something

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Anonymous said...

I have to say this blog entry was so inspiring. I love reading your blog, and since I am going thru a difficult time right now and feel so strongly about living and enjoying life and being "selfish", this entry came at such a perfect time. Its so nice to read someones thoughts that are similar to my own. Thank you so much for all your inspiration!