Monday, December 15, 2008

Donate Life

Two months ago I was giggling in the back of an urban rickshaw with my cousin, Bev, giddy from the effervescence of champagne at the Oyster Bar, the energy of New York City, and just generally happy to feel alive again (I'm back). This Saturday night I was crying with her on the phone, trying to find the words that would ease some of the unbearable pain she is feeling over the loss of her sister, Bernadette, who was snatched away from this world way too early this past Friday. But there simply are no words to describe Bev's loss, to soothe her broken heart, and so I will not even attempt to find any. Instead, I am writing this morning to encourage all of you--if you have not already done so--to sign up today to become an organ and tissue donor. Bev's sister was one, and as a result of that amazing gift, eight families will be receiving a Christmas miracle this year.

Through loss, life.

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