Thursday, March 19, 2009


Spring (finally!) arrives tomorrow, and I am heading to the beach for the weekend, weather be damned.

I've decided that moving forward, Friday's are going to be "me" days; a day set aside for writing, crafting, cooking, exploring, being. I feel that I need to nurture my soul for awhile, and worry about the money a little bit later.

Life is too short not to do the things you love most;
the things that give you pure, heartfelt joy.

And with that being said, I'm off to pack my bag. And even though it's only going to be in the high 40s tomorrow, you better believe I'm packing my flip flops.

Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone.


PS. A big hug and thanks to everyone who wrote me such sweet comments last week. Good stuff all around.

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