Friday, March 13, 2009

The Weekend. Thank GOD.

Supremely crummy week, but at least my hair is soft + straight. Tonight I am meeting Cindy for cocktails in Katonah. And I am rocking my chic orange hat from Target.

Oh, and you're coming along once again.

Stay tuned.


PS. Someone out there send me a good recipe for Heaven's sake. I'm wildly uninspired in the kitchen these days. Something springy + fresh. I'm thinking morels, or rhubarb, or peas, or fresh eggs from the farm. Oh, whatever...just something new.


The light in New York is beautiful this time of year. Golden + delicious. I snapped this from my Jeep on Rte 100.

Finally...salvation. In a glass.

I love this saying... Food, Like Life, Is to Be Shared. So true. I will borrow that often.

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