Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been raining nonstop this spring, so much so, that I am beginning to wonder how people who live in places like Mobile, Alabama (ranked the #1 rainiest city in the U.S.), Pensacola, Florida (the runner up) and New Orleans, Louisiana (taking home the bronze) don't eventually lose their marbles. But then again, at least in those cities it's warm outside. Here--in perpetually grey and gloomy New York--I'm still in fleece, still tucked beneath a thick, down comforter at night (it's back on the bed after a two-night hiatus), still putting the heat on to take the chill out of the house. All this, despite the fact that summer is a mere 12 days away.

It boggles the mind.

But yesterday I came home to my tiny red cabin in the woods, huddled over, my shoulders up to my ears as usual, when this small angel wing sculpture--a gift from my dear friend, Bethanne--caught my eye. Cold, wet, cranky + bemoaning the loss of the season, I saw the word 'believe' peeking out the flower box by my front entrance. And suddenly, I didn't feel so miserable anymore. Because those seven letters that spelled out believe, reminded me that it's not the warmth of the sun, or the blueness of the sky, or the length of day that makes life wonderful. It's everything else in the world that give us joy, makes us who we are; things like family, friends, home, faith. There are many things in this world that I believe in--a few which I have listed below--but more than anything, I believe that one day soon, the sun will shine again. And that, I am most certain, will be a truly glorious moment.

I believe in...
My friends + family America Summer Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream Stopping to pet dogs
God Vacations Respecting elders Loving children, not spoiling them Exercise Being independent Cooking Growing a garden Being fearless Creativity Laughter as the best medicine Splurging Heroes Not judging a book by its cover Forgiving people Flip flops Well-worn jeans Everything in moderation Hanging the flag Reading Being yourself You're never too old Salt air Respecting privacy Clotheslines Thin crust pizza Frye boots Feather pillows Running after the Good Humor Truck A favorite sweatshirt Thanking a soldier Being grateful for small things Living each day to it's fullest The power of a sunny day

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