Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Toast to Buoyancy.

Early last December I posted an entry about how I was very much looking forward to ushering 2008 out the door and welcoming 2009 in with a big, friendly bear hug and a nice hot cup of homemade cocoa by the fire. For those who've read this blog for the past few years know, 2008 was no friend of mine, so by December it was like one of those horrible house guests that you live to see pack their bags, wave farewell to as their taillights become smaller and smaller on the horizon. Unfortunately for me I lack Kreskin-like powers, so at that time I had no idea that 2009 would turn out to be an even worse house guest than 2008 -- the kind that comes for a weekend, stays for an entire year, and in between accidentally runs over your beloved cat, Mojo, spills black food coloring on your 6-month new Pottery Barn sofa, watches cage fighting on Spike TV at 3am at full volume, burns down your tool shed, regularly cooks cabbage.

But here we are at the cusp of '10, and despite the fact that I had the worst freaking houseguests two years in a row, the optimist in me can't help but sit here at my desk and wonder, hope, pray that this new decade will be kinder and gentler to us all. Certainly ten years ago none of us were prepared for what we would have to face as a nation, but we made it through with that crazy inner strength we somehow find when we least expect it, plus the love of our friends, family and neighbors. In my own little circle there have been events so horrible that I can't even recount them, but each time someone in the group got knocked down, there were forty hands reaching out to lift them back up. That old nugget, "In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends" has never rung more true than over the past handful of years.

And so, on this last day of 2009, rather than listing my goals and aspirations for myself, I've decided to state my aspiration for us, as a nation + as a planet instead;

It's my greatest hope that in 2010 we find our buoyancy once again.

Main Entry: buoyancy/buoyance

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: lightness in spirit

Synonyms: animation, bounce, cheerfulness, cheeriness, ebullience, effervescence, exuberance, gaiety, good feeling, good humor, happiness, high spirits, jollity, liveliness, pep, spiritedness, sunniness, vim and vigor, zing, zip

Antonyms: blues, depression, heaviness

My wish for you today is that whenever the sun goes dark in your life, you think of that word and it's meaning, and you find hope and joy, light and ebullience.

Peace + Prosperity to you and yours in the new year. Thank you -- as always -- for coming here to read what I occasionally manage to spew out.

With Love,

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